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A decade of professional landscaping, irrigation, and maintenance services delivered to customers throughout San Antonio and surrounding cities. 


We are licensed, certified and insured. Our crews are professionally trained in landscaping, irrigation and customer service. We will always adhere to the high standards we set, and you expect. 


We are committed to being on time and on budget. We communicate with you throughout the entire project to make sure your expectations are being met.


Our trained and certified staff of professionals will deliver a complete project that will enhance the beauty and value of your property. 

Customer Satisfaction

Our landscape and irrigation professionals ensure quality results. Your project is complete only when you are satisfied. 



For generations, gardening has been a passion and hobby to our family, allowing us to turn something we love into a business. 

Founded in 2011 by Anna Martinez, TEFACY LLC DBA MTZ Landscaping, is a full service, year-round that has been servicing residential and commercial clients in San Antonio and surrounding cities. The company is built on our commitment to always provide our customers with honesty, top-quality work and the best value possible.  


We bring many years of experience in the industry to our customers and maintain a consistent, high standard of performance based on knowledge, training, and experience.

Certifications: *HABE, MBE, SBA, WBE, HUB*

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